Skin Care : Best 3 Natural Home Remedies For Removing For Skin Tan

Whether winter or summer tan has always been a persistent skin problem. In winters, you have the option to completely hide the use of sleeves; but in summer there is no other option to get rid of it once it occurs.

We care much if our face is tanned, but we tend to ignore our hands. Well, do not you think it would look even more beautiful if the skin of his hands looked as good as the skin on your face? So do not ignore your hands. We will pay the same attention to them as well so that every part of our exposed skin looks beautiful and so free.

Natural Home Remedies For Removing For Skin Tan

Tanning is usually caused when the skin is overexposed to sunlight (because of harmful UVA and UVB rays) and also when you forget to apply sunscreen. Moreover, some of us tend to tan or get burned by the sun faster than others. This darkening of the skin can be quite embarrassing, especially when dual skin tones are easily visible. But do not worry. There are home remedies for removing tan on hands that are very simple.

Symptoms to look for Skin Tanning Are :

  1. Darkening of the affected skin
  2. Presence of blisters in severe cases

Causes For Skin Tanning are:             

  1. Sun exposure facilitates production of vitamin D
  2. Excessive sun exposure can cause:

    1. Sunburn
    2. Skin cancer
    3. Weak immune system
  3. Exposure to the sun damages melanin leading to brief skin darkening

Natural home remedy For Removing For Skin Tan using tomatoes and lemon juice: 

Ingredients :

Tamatoes :2

Lemon Juice :4tbsp

Method :

Crush 2 washed Tomatoes into a pure.Add 4tbsp Of Lemon Juice.Then Mix it well.Apply This Mix On The Tanned Skin.Leave if For 20 mins.wash Off with Cold water.Do this For 15 days.

Natural home remedy For Removing For Skin Tan using lemon juice and turmeric powder:

Ingredients :

Lemon juice :6tbsp

Turmeric powder:2tbsp

Method :

Take 6tbsp Of Lemon Juice And Add 2 tsp Tumeric Powder.Then Mix it Well To Make Paste.Apply This Paste On The Tanned Skin.Then Leave It For 30 mins.Wash Off With water.

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