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JNTU-KAKINADA : B.Tech 3-2(R10) UNIX Programming Language Unit Wise Important Questions For External Examinations

► UNIT-1 a. What is a process. List and Explain various process utilities with suitable examples.b. Explain basic file attributes. Discuss the appropriate commands associated with these attributes.c. “Operating systems like UNIX provide services both for programs and users”. Jus- tify this statement with suitableexamples.d. Explain the significance of the following …

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JNTU-HYDERABAD : Computer organisation Important Questions Unit Wise For B.Tech R13

Here are the latest important questions of Computer Organisation(CO). These are very useful to the students who are from JNTUH R13. ► UNIT-1 Write About Instruction Formats Explain The Concept of 1Aaddress,2-Address,3-Address,4-Adress Registers With Examples Compare B/W 0-Address,1-Address,2-Address,3-Address Expalin About Addressing Modes With Examples List The Conditional Branch Instructions Write Program …

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