Health Care : How Effective Is Walking For Weight Loss?

Most women do not like gym sessions. They prefer to walk. If you are looking around most gyms, there are a large number of men over women, but some still force you to practice when it comes to a health problem. Another reason is that if they, before you get yourself in shape for your wedding or a wedding in the family. Not surprisingly, the motivation is lost once the event is over. Then pick and back all the lost weight and a little more, and then it is difficult. You feel have reached a point of no return.

The situation is even worse when they married with children. With daily stress and strain of managing work and family a woman has no staff at all times. After a fitness program also comes with some of your priority list. The excuse – “I have no time!”

How Effective Is Walking For Weight Loss?

But the woman who is really concerned about your weight and your health is looking for a solution. So what? Here are some tips to help you stay fit and lose weight.

How to find time to exercise :

It would be better to have a half hour earlier and wake movement. If this is not possible, then a training at night should be sufficient. Those who have never worked before start with a 15 minute walk at a normal pace. Increase the speed and duration.

Once you are used to walk to and enjoy it, try to integrate other types of training. Some of you may also work out in a gym. Beginners who prefer to do for a few months at home with a personal trainer.

Those who do exercise before Surya Namaskars, squats, lunges, toe touch drills, pumps, dips and crunches a few days a week. It would also be a good idea to get some training videos at home. But be careful and do not overdo. You can end up with injuries and always intimidated by the workouts.

The key is something you can enjoy and do upright for long. Exercise should be a part of your life. In addition to weight loss, exercise is a good way to recharge or end of the next day and the day.

Exercise :

Some women spend a lot of time traveling back and forth to work. Moreover, even the dinner for the family, while others, the education of their children as well. These women may be short periods of exercise at work. Research has shown that it also helps.

You can start walking to the train station instead of a car or a taxi. Use the stairs instead of the elevator. The short tea and coffee at work for a quick up and down stairs, instead of chatting with colleagues.

At work, raise a colleague, if necessary, instead of an e-mail or whatsapping. Getting up from his seat and be mobile when you get a chance. Avoid sitting in your seat for long periods of time. If this is not possible, at least not in his chair, stir, turn around and stretch their legs and hands. Try some simple stretches. It is also important to maintain a good attitude. Sit up straight.

If you can use in your workplace access to a gym, you instead of tea or coffee breaks. You can also spend the first 10 minutes of the lunch break, a quick burst of activity. Whatever you do, make sure you warm up before exercise and cool down when finished.

Eat well :

Then comes the next important part of the program of weight loss – diet. Most women say that they do not have time to do the special diet. Some fear that it means, which is a favorite food, but the truth is that you do not have to do anything special or give your favorite foods altogether! Use the following guidelines:

  •        Make sure that you eat at regular intervals.
  •        Include whole grains in your diet.
  •        Avoid or strictly limit refined and processed foods, fried foods, junk food, sweets, tea and coffee.
  •        Eat five to six small meals instead of three large meals.
  •        Adding fiber to your diet.
  •        Avoid eating late at night.
  •        Sleep early. Try to get about six to eight hours of sleep.
  •        Restricting food once a week, preferably lunch.
  •        Avoid heavy meals. Have good balanced meals.
  •        Do not eat while watching television, talking on the phone or work.
  •        Focus on your food and monitor your portion size.
  •        Do not overeat.
  •        Instead of sleeping or relaxing and watching television right after lunch, walk at a normal pace for 15-20 minutes, half an hour after dinner.
  •        If you have an uncontrollable sweet tooth, eat a very small portion of dark chocolate.
  •        You can see some of their favorite foods and desserts to enjoy once a week. But the key word is – watch your portion size. Do not abuse it!
  •        The most important thing is to drink plenty of water because it usually ignored. Stay all day moisturized.

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