Hair Care : 9 Natural Ways To Have Beautiful Soft And Damage Free Hair

Sweet, healthy feeling and rebound shiny hair is something every person wants. Unfortunately, given our current style of stressful and unhealthy life for most of us, eating habits, it remains an unfulfilled dream. How well your hair grows depends on two main factors – adequate nutrition and avoid unsafe conditions. Here are some of the most effective remedies for hair growth that will help you achieve these two goals, you can grow your hair to stay well and healthy:

9 Natural Ways To Have Beautiful Soft And Damage Free Hair

vinegar :

Apple cider vinegar is a cleaner with a very smooth action; It also helps to maintain the pH balance of the hair and promoting hair growth. Most products for hair care are alkaline in nature, and this can have an adverse effect if the hair dry and brittle. Vinegar keeps the hair pH in the acidic range, which remains the hair healthy guaranteed. The best way to take advantage of these measures is to use vinegar as a final rinse after washing your hair is. Look for the apple cider vinegar that has been diluted enough for best results (add 75 ml of vinegar in 1 liter of water) to use.

Fenugreek :

Fenugreek or methi contains several key ingredients; of nicotinic acid can stimulate hair growth. Other phytoconstituents called steroidal saponins, vitamins and minerals play an important role in maintaining hair with moisture, prevent dandruff and scalp problems stay away. In addition, fenugreek also acts as a conditioner that helps hair stay soft and manageable. To make grinding seeds of some methi with some water to a paste; Mix this paste directly on the scalp and hair or with 2 teaspoons coconut milk extract and after half an hour, wash with a mild shampoo.

Henna :

Although most commonly used to dye hair, henna and hair conditioning properties, and to promote hair growth. To make mix in a little cottage cheese on the henna powder, a smooth paste and apply on the hair. Once the package is completely dry, wash with a mild shampoo. If your hair is particularly greasy, mix henna with a little egg, olive oil and honey into a paste; apply to wash your hair and after 2 hours.

Hibiscus :

Hibiscus flower tree have the ability to promote hair growth and prevent graying down. A paste of hibiscus flower also has an astringent effect which helps tighten the pores of the scalp with leather, which creates the hair; therefore problems with an oily scalp can also be prevented by regular use of the hibiscus. Soak some hibiscus night, squeeze and extract juice in the morning. Apply this on the scalp and hair, leave for a few hours, then rinse with warm water.


Soap nuts have been used by humans since ancient times for its effect as soap. They include saponins, a cleaning action on smooth hair and scalp to severe contrast effect based shampoos modern chemicals. In combination with shikakai used Soapnuts give it a good cleaning, remove the infections of the scalp and promotes hair growth. Soap nuts are soaked and stirred in water and liquid soap used to wash your hair; Otherwise, you can soap nut powder and powdered shikakai buy (two powders are available in the market) and make a paste with hot water instead of chemical-based shampoo use.

Bhringaraj :

Most vegetable oils that are promoted in the trade as promoters of hair growth contain a large plant called Bhringaraj. According to Ayurveda Pitta causes excess hair problems and Bhringaraj can imbalance Pitta, which plays an essential role in the prevention of hair loss and hair thick and shiny correct. If you get the leaves of this plant to crush and extract juice; mix it with a little coconut oil, cook for a few minutes and let cool until warm enough to be comfortable. Then apply on the scalp, massage and leave for a few hours. Wash with a mild shampoo. If the leaves are not available, you can use Bhringaraj powder is in stores that sell herbal products sold.

Onions and garlic :

Such as onions and garlic are rich in sulfur – an element that increases the collagen synthesis in the body. Since collagen is important for hair growth, these vegetables are traditional for people having problems with hair loss recommended. You can increase your intake of onion and garlic in the diet in order to get the benefits of stimulating hair growth. For local action, squeezing or crushing the juice of onion or garlic; Applying to the scalp is washed with a mild shampoo and after about 30 minutes. Garlic juice can also be used in combination with hot coconut oil core.

Honey :

For people who have an infection at the root of the hair, which caused heavy loss of hair, honey for its antibacterial and antioxidant action is recommended. Mix one teaspoon honey with an equal amount of lemon juice or 2 drops of an essential oil such as lavender or rosemary oil and massage it on the scalp. After 30 minutes, wash with a mild shampoo.

Massage with hot oil :

Some oils – coconut, castor and jojoba – repair have an important effect in maintaining healthy scalp, hair damage, provides the hair with moisture and promote hair growth. The best way to enjoy their purpose, the oil is easy to heat and massage into the scalp and hair strands your leather. He left the oil at least 2-3 hours and then wash the hair with warm water and mix the above Shikakai nuts washing powder. This ensures the removal of excess fat from the hair and scalp without denying the moisturizing oils in your hair.

There are many other resources in addition to those listed here – egg and lemon essential oils. However, it is important to find the solution that works best for you depends on the condition of the hair and the nature of the problem facing the hair. Parallel to these actions, it is also important to remember, to the conditions that cause hair loss, such as the use of tight hairstyles, hairstyle and avoid blunt with harsh chemicals on the hair.

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