Hair Care : Best Home Made Remedies For Split Ends

Home hair treatments for split ends can be a great help, because it will not cost you an arm and a leg.Damage to the protective layer of hair leads to split ends.More often than not, in fact, you will find that you have the ingredients in your pantry or cupboards now! I’m rather vain about my hair, so I always go back to hair treatments at home for split ends – not only to save money, but also because they do not want my stylist to be there tut-tutting about the status Of my hair. No thanks! If you want to take care of your adorable curls staff as well, just try some of these impressive hair home treatments for split ends that work 100%!

Best Home Made Remedies For Split Ends

The Main Causes Of Spilt Ends :

  1. Excessive hair straightening
  2. Frequent dyeing
  3. Using hair dryers often
  4. Exposure to the sun

1) Natural Home Remedy For Split End Using Egg Yolk And Almond Oil :

Ingredients :

Egg Yolk :1

Almond Oil :1 tbsp

Method :

Take One Egg Yolk and 1 tbsp almond oil.then mix well both egg yolk and almond oil.apply this on scalp.leave it for a 30 mins.Then Wash and rinse hair thoroughly after 30 min.

2) Natural Home Remedy For Split Ends Using Banana,Egg,Milk,Honey:

Ingredients :





Method :

Take 1 banana and Mash it well and and then add 1 egg to it,Add 3tbsp of Milk,1 tbsp Of Honey And mix It Well.And Apply This Scalp And Hair.Then Wash and rinse thoroughly after 30 min with a mild shampoo

Tips To Avoid Split Ends :

  1. Wash hair after swimming or exercising.
  2. The salt in sweat and chlorine in the pool is harmful for hair
  3. Oil hair regularly
  4. Trim hair every 6 months
  5. Protect hair from sun
  6. Use soft combs
  7. Avoid harsh hair products since chemicals in these products can adversely affect the hair

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