Hair Care : 7 Foods That Can Help To Prevent The Problem Of Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common but a rather terrible problem we face. Most of us think of drugs or medicines for the hair immediately, but is important to look at it on our food, and to fix it as soon as possible. Important nutrients that strengthen our hair follicles Need help to promote hair growth and promotes thickening in our daily diet.

1) Salmon :

Salmon is rich in vitamin D, protein and is a good source of fatty acids for hair growth. Salmon contains the essential fatty acids essential for our hair shaft. Salmon and other seafood are rich in zinc, which protects hair problems often as dry scalp, dandruff and hair loss helps and also helps provides the hair with moisture.

 2) Soya :

Soya provides the contribution of copper needed to form hemoglobin, the lack of them in turn the hair brittle and cause a large number of hair loss. You could have a glass of soy milk a day, yogurt or soy protein bars.

 3) Blueberries :

Vitamin C is one of the key ingredients for healthy hair as it helps to weave the hair. Deficiency of this vitamin can lead to weak and brittle hair, split ends and hair breakage what. Blueberries are not only full of vitamin C, but also the body with a rich source of antioxidants. You can have as part of the fruit salad or just a small basket of fruit snacks during the breaks.

7 Foods That Can Help To Prevent The Problem Of Hair Loss

4) Nuts :

Nuts are full of biotin, omega – 3 fatty acids vitamin E and copper, all of which are essential for maintaining healthy hair. Nutrients to ensure that your hair maintains its natural color, protects against damage caused by sun exposure and keeps shiny hair. You can keep a small box with a few nuts and take it with you when you move or keep eating all day.

5) Eggs :

Increase the consumption of eggs in your daily diet solves hair problems considerably, since they are rich in proteins. Proteins are the basic elements responsible for the tissue in the scalp, and for the production of hair to replace the loss,. For healthy hair of hair growth With animal protein is ideal, either cheese, fish, chicken or beef.

 6) Spinach :

Your diet is incomplete without iron intake. Iron is responsible for the formation of hemoglobin, and supplying oxygen to the blood and of the scalp. Beans, dal can also be eaten chickpeas to increase iron. Iron supplementation should be doubled for women because they lose blood and iron during menstruation.

7) Sweet Potatoes:     

Sweet potatoes have beta-carotene, vitamin A, produced in our body. This vitamin is necessary for the production of essential oils on the scalp. These oils help protect and nourish the scalp. The lack of these oils can turn your itchy scalp and cause irritation. Sweet potatoes are eaten when just cooked; Press to taste a little lemon juice.

Like our skin, our hair also in the quality of our lifestyle and overall health resist, and it is important to the supply of essential nutrients to the cells that hold responsible for hair growth.

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